Monday, May 26, 2014

Better Summer ahead?

I’m BA-a-ack!

Yes, I’ve been silent for much too long, for several reasons. But I’m finally nearing the point of resolution with a couple of life’s larger hurdles and plan to be more productive through the rest of the year--Robert Burns’ ‘best laid schemes’ notwithstanding!

Part of that plan involves sharing more of my often scattered thoughts in this space. I’ll continue to write about my dreams for a better world in which every person on the planet is treated with kindness, every animal and plant is respected for its vital role in our ecosystem, and we finally begin to take tender care of the only home we have in the vast universe, this wonderful Planet Earth.

I hope to avoid the ‘woe is us’ approach to the many problems of our present society. Instead, I’ll try to focus on the complete absence of logic in the current system and why certain changes would make life better for everyone, not merely one ‘special interest’ group or another. Many articles will be similar to my first essay collection, The World I Imagine: A creative manual for ending poverty and building peace.

Along the way, I’ll sprinkle in some articles written just for fun, about cats and baseball and anything else that pops into my head. We could all use a break once in a while. It’s good for the psyche.

So, remember: Nothing ever happens until someone shares an idea. That’s why I keep on writing this blog. I hope to see you soon!

WEB EMAIL STILL INACTIVE: One issue still on my To-Do list is to bring my website email back to life. Now that we're nearing the end of our long Spring agenda, I should be able to tackle the issue by early June. When that miracle occurs, I will definitely post the Good News here. More reason to keep in touch. Hope and Love to all!

The World I Imagine: A creative manual for ending poverty and building peace and my historical mystery novel, Lion’s Pride, are available through your local bookstore. They are featured at, Barnes & Noble, and most online bookstores around the world. Both are available for Kindle readers.

COMMENTS: The purpose of this blog is to share positive ideas for making changes that will help everyone, not just a narrow group of people. I’d love to hear more ideas for imprinting positive effects over a wide range of areas in our society.