Thursday, June 5, 2014

Poem of Peace

The earliest version of this poem appeared in Xenomorph Magazine, a one-issue Peace magazine published in 1988, and I updated it for my essay collection, The World I Imagine: A creative manual for ending poverty and building peace. I hope this version makes clear that the only way we can experience real progress is to stop glorifying the destructiveness of war and truly honor all those who work diligently to establish a peaceful society. Only then will everyone around the world be able to enjoy the benefits of a prosperous economy.

(Or: Peace Is Dull)
(Revised version)
by Debbie Jordan (1989)
Peace is dull.
War is far more exciting.
So what if war kills people?

Peace takes a lot of hard work.
Day in and day out,
nothing but sameness;
slow, dull peace.

War may be expensive,
but peace certainly isn’t profitable,
except for those privileged few
who rake in
all the profits of war.

Where are the memorials to peace
and the peacemakers?


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