Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tony Fasline holding peace vigils for the summer season in Youngstown, OH

I’ve just received a message from Tony Fasline, who so loyally held peace vigils every Friday afternoon here in Casa Grande throughout the winter and early spring. Back in his old Youngstown, OH, home, Tony and friends have already held his first vigil there. He promises to keep me informed of their vigil schedule up there, so I can let people know what’s going on in various places around Youngstown from now till early fall. At that time, he promises to return to Arizona. During the colder months, Tony--and hopefully I and others--will be back on street corners around here. We’ll keep you up-to-date when those vigils are scheduled as well.

For now, if anyone else wants to organize similar vigils, go ahead and post them as comments in my Peace Blog or on my Facebook walls. That’s exactly the kind of thing I have these pages for.

Meanwhile, I know we all have to live in the real world, but we’ll never have a better one to live in unless we nurture the dreamers and visionaries who point the way. Yes, there’s conflict all over, but we’ll never have peace unless we understand the reasons conflict exists and find ways to solve the problems that cause the conflict. That’s why I do this work.

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