Sunday, August 7, 2011

Encounter with 2011 Equality Walkers from Right to Marry Arizona

Today, August 7, Jim and I joined a group of courageous and energetic walkers for gay rights at Casa Grande Library. We regret that we can't walk with them, but if I can get my shaky video of the conversation onto my computer, I'll post it all over the place, including here. Anything we can do to help spread the word that everybody should have the right to marry--or not--as they wish, not just according to the whim of the state or the community in which they live.

They told me about the great website,, set up specifically for the issue of promoting marriage rights for all in the state of Arizona. We need to do what we can, talk about it, write letters, post the message wherever we can on the internet, and donate money if and when we can. Every little bit helps!

So, do what you can. And check this schedule to see if these wonderful people of all ages are coming through your town. If so, you can check the route page to see where they’ll be stopping so people can meet them and chat with everybody for a while. They’re a really fun bunch, and they’ve got a lot of knowledge about the issue. You could learn something. I know I always do!

Coming up, it’s time for me to repost my originally two-part article on why conservatives are absolutely wrong for opposing a positive change to the marriage laws so everybody can marry the person they love, no matter where they live. Watch for that later today!

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