Wednesday, February 29, 2012

View Tony Fasline’s weekly Peace Vigil in Casa Grande, AZ

Finally, here’s the video I made on February 3 when Jim and I joined Tony Fasline for his weekly peace vigil in our hometown of Casa Grande, AZ:

I’m delighted to share this video with everyone. Besides learning new tricks during the editing process, I welcome the opportunity to use the video to offer a small bit of insight into what it’s like to stand up for what we believe. Tony does this by standing on street corners holding signs announcing the need for peace. He does this every Friday afternoon while he enjoys his winter sojourn in Casa Grande and during the warmer months of the year in Youngstown, OH.

I do the same thing with my writing and videos, some of which I make here at home and others when I can get out to report on what other people do to help make this a better world. And now that he’s retired from full-time work, Jim has become my right hand, my trusted assistant, my gofer and chauffeur.

We need everyone to do whatever they can, wherever they are, to spread the word about creative ideas for solving the problems that plague our society. And while we look for solutions, we must always consider the effects of our actions on the rights of all, especially those people who are oppressed because of their age, disability, gender, sexual identity or orientation, color, nationality, religion, etc.

In other words, we must respect the basic civil rights of every single person. If we all do that, then we can finally build a society in which there is no more poverty or war, a world where everyone enjoys at least the basic benefits of prosperity and peace.

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