Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What Republicans Fear Most


Republicans fear the Goddess
in every Woman and her Cats
Earlier today I was reading another article on discussing the Republican campaign against women’s rights, and I happened to see something in a photo that made me think of my cats.


So I made a little note, found the perfect picture that’s safely in the public domain, added a bit of text, and . . . Voila!
Check it out:

Feel free to share this message as far and wide as you can. We all have to make as much noise as we can to stop the GOP from doing everything in their power to move us back to the nineteenth century, or worse! There are many things we can do, but the most important action we must take is VOTE!

On November 6, be sure to vote against dragging our nation backward in history.

Better yet, contact your local official who manages voter registrations--in Arizona, it’s county recorders--and sign up to receive early mail-in ballots. They’ll let you know when to expect ballots in the mail for every election throughout the year. Then when the big envelope comes, study the candidates and issues, mark your ballot, and put it right back in the mail as quickly as you can. That’s the best way to ensure that you don’t miss voting on election day and your vote will be counted.

And to the Goddesses and their cats: Let’s all keep up the fight against the oppressors!

Forward to VICTORY!

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